Faster, incremental uploads to S3

Tired of waiting for S3 uploads?

s3patch supplements your S3 command-line tool of choice. When possible, s3patch uploads only a minimal patch describing how to update an existing file. Our servers recreate the final file by applying the patch to the existing file, resulting in much faster S3 uploads.


This screencast shows s3patch accelerating an upload by a factor of 10 on a relatively fast 1 MB/sec Internet connection. By keeping interruptions below 10 seconds, your state of flow is preserved, enhancing your productivity.


64-bit Linux
64-bit Mac OS X

  1. Download the version that matches your operating system.

  2. Unzip it and install it to somewhere on your path:

gunzip s3patch.linux.amd64.gz
chmod a+x s3patch.linux.amd64
sudo mv s3patch.linux.amd64 /usr/bin/s3patch


s3patch cp s3://your-bucket/path

s3patch respects the usual AWS credentials configuration. It will use your default AWS profile unless overridden by the AWS_PROFILE environment variable. You can explicitly pass credentials via the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables.


Your credentials never leave your computer. All activity on your behalf is conducted via limited-use signed URLs that only permit s3patch to read and write the specific file being modified.


s3patch is free up to 100 uploads per month. Unlimited individual use is available for $6/month or $40/year. If you exceed the limit without a subscription, s3patch will fall back to a regular, unaccelerated upload.

As always, you are responsible for paying the regular S3 storage and transfer fees to Amazon.

We’re suckers for press, so if you tweet about s3patch, we’ll give you one month free. Write a blog post about us, and we’ll give you three months free.


Questions? Feel free to e-mail us.